Truck Shop FAQs

As your local Four States and Joplin, MO area truck part fitter, we can help you find and fit exterior and interior parts or accessories. We can personalize almost every aspect of your truck outside of the engine and drivetrain. If you can envision it, we can help you do it.

What services do you provide?

We provide vehicle accessories, i.e., running boards, grille guards, tool boxes, truck bed covers, and floor liners.,Tint,Spray In Bed Liners,Katzkin Leather Interiors,Custom Seat Covers,Much More

Do you keep any truck parts in stock, or do you have to order them? And do I need to make an appointment?

We do not keep anything in stock, but typically it only takes us a day or two to get parts in. Even though we can get parts quickly, we tend to keep a full schedule. Therefore, an appointment to have those parts installed will be further out than the time it takes to get them in.

What kinds of custom truck parts can you order?

Village Truck Visions offers a wide range of parts from over 150 truck parts brands. We can order truck parts for the following categories:,Automotive Lighting,Cargo Management,Air Intakes,Winches,Utility Truck Equipment,Bumpers and Grille Guards,Truck Bed and Tailgate,Suspension,Truck Bed Covers,Running Boards and Steps,Towing and Accessories,Interior and Exterior

What is the labor rate at Village Truck Visions?

Our shop labor rate is $85.00 an hour with a minimum of 1 hour. This rate includes but is not limited to the installation of customer parts and/or removal of old parts.

Do you have an after-hours drop box?

Yes, we do. It is conveniently located next to the door.

What type of payments do you accept?

We gladly accept cash, check, and credit/debit cards. Please keep in mind that all credit/debit card transactions will automatically be charged an additional 3.5% fee per transaction.

Do you do lifts?

No, we do not have the equipment to efficiently install lift kits.

Do you do anything with wheels, tires, or brakes?

No, we do not offer customization for wheels, tires, or brakes.

What brand and type of tint film do you use?

We use Avery Denison and NR Pro.

Where is a truck personalization shop near me?

Village Truck Visions is located in Joplin, MO, and serves truck owners all over the Four States and beyond. We offer complete truck shop services to personalize every aspect of your pickup.

Where can I find replacement truck grilles?

We source replacement truck grilles from dozens of truck parts suppliers and can help you find and install the replacement grille you envision.

Where can I get truck bed accessories?

Village Truck Visions offers complete truck bed accessories, including truck bed coatings, truck bed liners, truck bed covers, and toolboxes.

Do you carry replacement truck seats?

We offer many truck interior parts brands and can easily help you find, order, and install the replacement truck seats you want! We can do custom seat covers and leather replacement kits.

Re-Envision Your Truck

Get started on your truck customization project today. We're happy to answer your questions, order parts, and schedule your truck for service!

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